Welcome To Sanctuary Online

Premium Features

Here you can find all the features that our Premium Account has to offer:

Hourly Tokens

A Premium account can gain 1 Sanctuary Hourly Token every hour they are logged in they can be redeemed for Premium items.


Rashid Access

By having a Premium account you will have direct access to rashid. free accounts need to do the quest.


Buying A House

By having a Premium account you can buy one of the available homes around the cities of Sanctuary Online.


Experience Boost

A Premium account can gain 10% more experience than normal players.


Loot Channel

With our loot channel players now can see what loots drop as well a rare item will be highlighted.


Server Alert System

With our server alerts it allows the players to see when someone on the server kills a rare creature.


...And more ingame benefits in the near future,
what are you waiting to get your own Premium Account?