Welcome To Sanctuary Online


Cast System

If your looking for some extra exp dont forget to use cast system by typing in the command "!cast on" to start cast. But beaware stream snipers is REAL

Companions System

We have introduced a pet system or as some like to call them Pets. As you progress through Sanctuarys Quests you will receive your own partner to help defend agianst the evils that walk among us! (Companions have a evolve system, they level as you do.) As your Companions levels they will evolve and the Doll it self changes each evolve they will receive addons!


VIP Houses

Each town has it's own set of VIP houses. Make sure you stop by them to check them out. If interested in buying one, House Scrolls can be bought in game shop



Shrines are all over Sanctuary just explore you will find them. if your team hutning make sure every one is close to the shrine to get the full effects.

Power Shrine

+25% damage for 5 minutes

Protection Shrine

+25% damage protection for 5 minutes

Recovery Shrine

bonus HP/MP regen every second for 5 minutes

Wisdom Shrine

+25% bonus experience for 5 minutes


Cursed Chests

While exploring players will come along these wonder chests. Becareful though these chest pack a punch. They Spawn in differnt levels, Rare Cursed Chest, Epic Cursed Chest, Legendary Cursed Chest