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Item Upgrades


As you may have noticed, items in game have "slots." These slots are assigned to items based off rarity and each slot is a space for you to add an attribute on the item using the crystals. Common items have one slot, rare two, epic three, and legendary items have four attribute slots. You obtain these crystals by looting crystal fossils as a random drop from most mobs and then using a crystal extractor to generate one of the building crystals by random chance. Crystal extractor can be obtained from the token NPC in Darashia for fifty hourly tokens or can be looted from various bosses throughout the world.

Your item can be destroyed while upgrading! The only way to prevent destruction is to have an upgrade catalyst in your backpack with the item before upgrading. (Item destruction only possible past +6, you do not need catalyst before this upgrade level)

Unidentified items will require an identification scroll to unlock their properties. If the item is rolled unique then you will receive a whole list of attributes immediately without further enchantments.

Unique Items

Items with predefined attributes that can't be altered, only their values can be changed. Unidentified items can become Unique.

Item Level

Item Level (iLvl) is set for every wearable item when dropped by a monster. Default iLvl is calculated using special algorithm that determines monster level/power based on its Max HP and Experience. Then additional iLvl value is given based on base item stats (Atk, Def, Armor, Hit Chance). Given all of that every item will be different and harder monsters drop better stuff. If you drop a giant sword from a behemoth (regular mob) and a giant sword from Ferumbras (world boss) the Ferumbras giant sword would be much more powerful.

Upgrade Crystal

Can be used on a piece of equipment for a chance to upgrade it. | Crystal Fossil

Enchantment Crystal

Can be used on a piece of equipment to add random attribute. | Crystal Fossil

Alteration Crystal

Can be used on a piece of equipment to remove last attribute. | Crystal Fossil

Cleansing Crystal

Can be used on a piece of equipment to remove all attributes. | Crystal Fossil

Fortune Crystal

Can be used on a piece of equipment to change value of last attribute. | Crystal Fossil

Faith Crystal

Can be used on a piece of equipment to change values of all attributes. | Crystal Fossil

Mind Crystal

Used to extract all attributes and values and store in that crystal. Can be used again to place these attributes to a new item. Lower item rarity will remove exceeded attributes. | (Not yet obtainable.)

Mirrored Crystal

Used to make a copy of any item. Copies can't be modified and mirrored again. | (Not yet obtainable.)

Void Crystal

Used to transform item into random Unique type. | (Not yet obtainable.)

Upgrade Catalyst

Prevents item destruction when upgrading past +6. Consumed each time your item would have been destroyed instead of the item itself. | (Demonic Mobs, Bosses, Cursed Chests.)

Crystal Fossil

There is unknown crystal inside, try to use crystal extractor. | Randomly drops from monsters

Crystal Extractor

Used to extract rare crystals from crystal fossil. | Custom - NPC, Bosses, Events etc.

Scroll of Identification

Can be used on unidentified item to reveal hidden attributes. | (Demonic Mobs, Bosses, Cursed Chests.)

Possible Attributes

** = currently disabled

* Max HP

* Max MP

* Magic Level

** Melee Skills (all in one)

* Fist Fighting

* Sword Fighting

* Axe Fighting

* Club Fighting

* Distance Fighting

* Shielding

** Mana Shield

** Life Steal

* Experience

* Physical Damage

* Energy Protection

* Earth Damage

* Earth Protection

* Fire Damage

* Fire Protection

* Ice Damage

* Ice Protection

* Holy Damage

* Holy Protection

* Death Damage

* Death Protection

** Elemental Damage (every element in one except physical))

** Elemental Protection (every element in one except physical))

** Cast Flame Strike on Attack

** Cast Flame Strike on Hit

** Cast Ice Strike on Attack

** Cast Ice Strike on Hit

** Cast Terra Strike on Attack

** Cast Terra Strike on Hit

** Cast Death Strike on Attack

** Cast Death Strike on Hit

** Cast Energy Strike on Attack

** Cast Energy Strike on Hit

** Cast Divine Missile on Attack

** Cast Divine Missile on Hit

** Explosion on Kill

** Regenerate Health on Kill

** Regenerate Mana on Kill

** Mana Steal

** Chance to regenerate full HP on Kill

** Chance to regenerate full MP on Kill

** Chance to cast Mass Healing on Attack

** Increased healing from all sources

* Additional gold from monsters loot

** Chance to deal double damage

** Chance to be revived with 100% HP and MP upon death

** Chance to get Bonus Damage buff on Kill

* Chance to get Bonus Max HP buff on Kill

** Chance to get Bonus Max MP buff on Kill