Welcome To Sanctuary Online
20 April 2021 (19:09) -
Fixed all lighting issues Light system should be working pe...
20 April 2021 (19:09) -
Fixed pathfinding issue with Doors, as well as other use fro...
20 April 2021 (19:08) -
Hangables now function properly
10 April 2021 (17:57) -
Added Hellera Questline Added Holy Castle Questline
21 Apr 2021 - Hangables fixed

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21 Apr 2021 - Hellfire Bow switched to Hellfire Crossbow in Hellera Quest Rewards

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20 Apr 2021 - Lighting is fixed

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12 Apr 2021 - Welcome
Welcome To Sanctuary Online, 

Thanks For Joining Us! Check out the website, look around if anything you see you like, then click that Download Client and come join us in game.  if you have not already join the discord  now is the time.   If you find any bugs please report them in the bug report channel. Our team loves to hear your suggestions  so don't forget to add them in our Suggestion channel. Hope to see you soon!!!

Discord Link =  https://discord.gg/E4yJGtgu8u 

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03 Apr 2021 -
Join the discord at 

Please do not use the same password here, that you have used on other servers. 

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Visit his website at www.aurelion.org if interested.

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