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16 Jan 2022 - Soft Beta!
Hey guys, as you know I've been developing this server for about 2 years now.
There have been many trials and setbacks, but I finally have something I think is worth running a beta for, and I hope you will agree with me after you try it out.

The long term goals for this server will be rolled out in an upcoming news release, however currently, I will say that the foundation of this server has never been stronger. Thanks to a great retro-tibia enthusiast Ezzz, and the help of many others, I am proud to be launching Sanctuary Online, based on The Violet Project.

My initial goal is to have a 1:1 realistic Tibia 7.7 experience, including:
Real CipSoft NPC files
Real CipSoft Monster files
Real CipSoft Map, including all doors, signs, walls, items, refreshable tiles, and more

And more to come...

There are many aspects of this website which are being reworked, so don't worry about generating bug reports for it. Right now, use the website to create and manage your account, more updates will follow.

Please download the client at the link below, we are currently using OTCV8 for the time being, however that will change shortly.

Posted by Dip Set

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